Craven is taking part in a voter ID pilot at the next local elections on Thursday May 2, 2019.

This means all residents will be asked to produce proof of identity in order to be able to cast their vote at a polling station. Residents will need to provide either one form of photo ID, or two forms of non-photo ID, one of which can be a poll card, at the polling station before they are able to vote.

Craven District Council will provide alternative methods of ID free of charge to individuals who do not have the correct ID, ensuring that everyone who is registered has the opportunity to vote. Postal voting is unaffected by the voter ID pilot – residents do not need ID for a postal vote.

We need to make sure that all residents are aware of this pilot and know that they need to bring ID to vote. All residents in the areas where elections are taking place have received notification of the voter ID pilot through the post, and the information is also included on their poll cards.

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